McWherters Join GAP Staff

FB_IMG_1455839885827We are excited to announce that the McWherter Family is planning to join the GAP staff on July 1, 2016! Josh, Tasha, Kaelyn, and Ziley McWherter are from Murray, KY. In February of 2013, Josh and Tasha knew that God was calling them to fulltime missionary service somewhere in the world and the only question left in their minds was where. They looked at different countries, towns, people groups, and ministries, but their hearts always returned to the people of Eastern Kentucky and Appalachia. Tasha said, “I began to feel so compassionate about a place I had never been.” In August 2015, the McWherters made a 3 day vision tour to Eastern Kentucky. That trip was confirmation that 3 days would never be enough; that they belonged in Eastern Kentucky.

Since then, the McWherters have made other trips to GAP and God has confirmed that this is where they are to serve. At this time, the family is in the process of being appointed as NAMB Missionaries with the Southern Baptist Convention and will be MSC/self-funded missionaries. Josh and Tasha will be serving on our GAP staff team as the new Missions and Ministry Associates working with mission teams coming to serve here. Please pray for the McWherter Family during this exciting time of transition. If you would like to become acquainted with them, and follow their move to GAP, please “like” their new Facebook page “The McWherters in Appalachia”.