Getting Help

God’s Appalachian Partnership provides a verity of services to those in need in our community. Below you will find a list of those services and how they can be accessed.

Food/Cleaning Supplies

Food is given to qualifying families on a sliding scale based on the families income and how much food stamps they receive. Call 606-377-0332 to set up an appointment.

Bring the following items to the appointment:

  • Proof of Income
  • Food Stamp statement with the names of everyone in the family
  • If you do not receive food stamps, please bring birth certificates or Social Security cards for each person in the family.

Furniture & Household supplies are available three ways:

  1. If you qualify as an emergency relief situation (example: flood or fire). You will receive items at no charge.
  2. Items are sold at low prices as they are donated on a first come, first serve basis. Simply call and ask for the item of furniture or appliance you need. If we have one in stock, a price will be quoted to you. You will have one week to pick up the item.  Because of the lack of staff, we are unable to deliver furniture.
  3. GAP has a large furniture sale at least once a year. These items are sold to clients first, then to the public at very low prices. Call the office to find out the date of our next sale.

Financial Assistance:

Financial assistance is given if we can find a sponsor for the family in need. To find a sponsor you must bring in the bill (we need to make a copy in order to make sure your account is credited correctly if we are able to find a sponsor.) The request will be sent out on the internet in order to find a sponsor. A sponsor may make a partial payment or pay the bill in full.  Your name will be used and any information you are willing to share about why you are in need. You will be required to attend a budget course if a sponsor is found. The course is three, one hour classes over a period of three months. You will not be considered for any financial assistance if you have received assistance but have not completed the course.


From time to time GAP will offer classes that may help you with everyday life. Examples of these are Parenting Classes, Bible Studies, Nutrition Classes, Money Saving Tips, and Budget Classes. Call the office for information on our next class.

Home Repairs:

In order to be considered for home repairs, you must do one of the following:

  1. Complete a Budget course. (This course is  3 – 1 hour classes that take place over three months. You will be given homework with the first and second classes that MUST be done in order to pass the course. At the conclusion of your course you may fill out the Home Repair request forms.)
  2. Provide the building materials for the project. (If you are providing the materials or the funds to purchase the materials, please bring proof).

Note: When filling out the request form, please bring a copy of your deed. GAP must have a notarized form giving permission to do the repairs by anyone listed on the deed other than yourself. There is a form for you to sign if you are the sole owner.

After the request forms are filled out you will be called to set up home visit. Pictures wll be taken of the home and a material list made. An estimated cost will be determined. All this will be put into a file and presented to construction teams. The team leaders choose the project based on the funds they have available and the talents within the team. Once a team has chosen your project you will be notified. At that time you will be told of the week they will be working.

Requirements at the time of the repairs:

  • You or another adult living in the home is required to be at the home while repairs are being done.
  • When possible, you are to participate with the team.
  • You may be required to do prep work before the team arrives.