Calling an Audible

By Tanya Parker

In the land of football, the word audible means: a substitute offensive or defensive play called at the line of scrimmage. So the offense lines up and the quarterback looks out and sees how the opposing team defense has lined up.  He then has an opportunity to change his teams play based on that lineup.  So he has an option to call an audible.  He will quickly call it out to let his team know to change it up fast because there isn’t much time.  It is crucial that the team is listening for their quarterback to instruct them so that they can carry out the better plan of action.

I believe this word sums up 2020 Missions and Ministry.  In essence we have seen how everything has lined up and we are calling an audible at the line to adjust for what is coming our way.

Just like in football we must listen for our quarterback’s plan, trust him and do it.  Football coaches spend hours upon hours studying other teams and their strategies in the game.  They lay out the best plays in the playbook but they leave room for their quarterback who is on the field in the game to call an audible.  The quarterback has to spend enough time training with his coaches to know the coaches’ will and best decision in the game.

2020 has certainly lined up differently than any of us imagined.  Our Pastors and Ministry leaders have had to call an “audible” for the Church and Ministries.  At God’s Appalachian Partnership our “quarterback” director John Morris has certainly been calling audibles.  So much has changed.  All of our thought through and planned strategies and events are no good with the current line up!  We must call an audible or we won’t be effective on the field. 

GAP has prayed and sought out, for now, what the Lord would have us do.  We are calling an audible to ensure we are still in the game sharing God’s love in the best way we can.  It looks different, it feels different, but we will trust that God will work through this for His good.

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