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Barlow First Baptist Church 2018

June 24th – 29th, 2018 Barlow First Baptist Church partnered with us in ministry. The team was busy holding Day Camps at Weeksbury Community Park, serving at Distribution/BeansTalk, ministering at the Group Home with supper, serving at Senior Citizens’ Center, and squeezing in some home visits. The team also had a group of skilled carpenters that labored to build a ramp enabling an elderly lady to return to her home. Thank you Barlow First Baptist Church for showing the love of Christ in word and deed! (Please click on the photo above to view more pictures.)

South Orlando Baptist Church 2018

June 9th – 15th, 2018 a group from South Orlando Baptist Church arrived eager to serve our community. The team held the summer’s first Day Camp at Left Beaver Townhouses. They did a wonderful job and the children really enjoyed their time. It was awesome to see the kids develop friendships with team members and how those friendships allowed the kids to open up and share! On Tuesday, South Orlando ministered at Distribution/BeansTalk and shared God’s love with all who entered. Also during the week, half the team served at a ministry construction project at Elk Ridge. They accomplished so much and even power washed the maintenance building, which was in desperate need. Thank you South Orlando Baptist Church for serving alongside of us! (Please click on the photo above to view more pictures.)

Second Baptist Church of Marion 2018

June 3rd – 8th, 2018 a team from Second Baptist Church of Marion, IL partnered with GAP for their first time and we were blessed with an amazing week of ministry! A group of men worked on a family’s home that needed a door replaced and their bathroom remodeled. Ginger, the home’s owner, was excited about the finished product but more blessed with the new friends she had made. A group of ladies traveled one day to two different apartment complexes to minister to women by offering a ladies’ day out centered around the story of Esther. The ladies who attended learned about Esther, had their haircut, nails painted, hand messages, made a craft, and had a snack! The team also ministered two days at the Thrift Store, Senior Citizens, Group Home, distribution/BeansTalk, home visits, and at Hope Homes! It was a FULL week of wonderful ministry! Thank you Second Baptist Church. (Please click on the photo above to view more pictures.)

Blackrock Baptist Church 2018

Blackrock Baptist Church, near Jacksonville, FL, served alongside us for their first time May 28th – June 1st, 2018. The team consisted mostly of youth and had a full week serving two days of distribution and BeansTalk. They had many wonderful conversations with our families, especially, since one of the team members was originally from eastern KY. The team visited and ministered at the Group Home and helped around the ministry center by shopping and preparing for distribution. Thank you Blackrock Baptist Church for your partnership in ministry! (Click the above image to view more pictures.)

Smoke Rise Baptist Church Men’s Mission Trip May 2018

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Flexibility is a word we often use in missions and the team from Stone Mountain, GA truly exemplified it as they served at GAP during the week of May 20th – 25th, 2018. These men traveled to eastern KY with hammers in hand, eager to participate in a construction ministry project. Unfortunately the project that had been planned for them had to be canceled. This team has been faithfully coming to GAP for several years, but this may have been the first time they arrived not really knowing what they were getting themselves into. However, because of their unfailing willingness to serve under any circumstance, God had the perfect family in place for this team to minister to. During their week, Smoke Rise blessed a young, working family with new windows, interior doors, an exterior door, siding on their home, and the supplies to build a big front porch. The family was overwhelmed and blessed by these men and their hearts for the Lord! To read more about the family this team served, please click the following link

Heartland Church Youth 2018

Heartland Church from Paducah, KY sent their second team of the year April 2nd through Aril 6th, 2018. The team was led by their youth department with a total of 12 excited servants for Christ. They grilled hamburgers for BeansTalk, served at the Thrift Store, and ministered at the Group Home and Senior Citizens’ Center. They also showed the love of Christ at a home construction ministry site where they put down new flooring in a room. The home owner was thrilled and forever changed by their Christ-likeness. The team also hosted our first Supper @ GAP.  Temperatures were cold and quite windy that evening but we still had a great time connecting to our families that braved the weather. Thank you Heartland. We look forward to seeing three more teams from your church this year! (Please click on the photo below to view more pictures.)

FBC of Paducah

First Baptist Church of Paducah served at GAP June 19-24, 2016. This was their first year partnering with us and they were such a blessing! The team ministered as the hands and feet of Jesus while serving a hot meal during BeansTalk, teaching children about the love of God during VBS, ministering at the group home, making home visits, and serving at the senior citizens’ building. God also provided the needed resources, for distribution for the following week, through them! Thank you for First Baptist Church of Paducah for your partnership in ministry and for standing in the GAP! (Please click on the photo below to view more pictures.)DSC_0024

Parksville Baptist Church

Parksville Baptist Church served alongside us June 12-16th. Although the Parksville team faced many trials prior to arriving, including transportation problems, through their determination and the Lord’s provision our community was greatly blessed during their time here. The group, consisting largely of youth, brought excitement to Vacation Bible School, BeansTalk, group home ministry and home visits. We are so thankful to you Parksville Baptist church for your faithful partnership and for sharing the love of Jesus. (Please click on the photo below to view more pictures.)DSC_0224

First Baptist Church Winter Garden 2016

First Baptist Church of Winter Garden, FL came and served at GAP during their spring break. The cold mornings here in the mountains took some of the team by surprise but they stayed busy serving and ministering. The team ministered daily at the Group Home which brought such excitement to all the residents and they worked on a couple of our staff houses. The team also served at the local senior citizens’ center, went with us on a few home visits, served at BeansTalk, and ministered at Distribution. Thank you Winter Garden for your love for Jesus that radiated from each of you! (Please click on the photo below to view more pictures.)DSC_0668

Smoke Rise Baptist Church September 2015

Smoke Rise Baptist Church from Stone Mountain, GA served and ministered at GAP September 20th – 25th, 2015. This is the second trip this year for this all male team which largely focused upon construction ministry. The team had two ministry sites. They began building the front porch onto the Educational Building at Elk Ridge and they also built a porch, roof and ramp for an elderly lady in the community. The amount of work that they accomplished in just four work days was no small task. A few of the men from the team including their senior pastor and minister of missions served at BeansTalk. The week few by and so much was accomplished thanks to our Lord and the faithfulness of this team. Thank you Smoke Rise Baptist Church for your faithful ministry and constant Christ-like servant hearts! (Click image below to view more pictures!)DSC_0002