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95 Feet To Home (Updated)

The Ramp

The Ramp

Child Receives New Ramp Thanks to FBC Prestonsburg

Sarah contacted GAP through Facebook when her daughter had a nasty bicycle accident. Chloe broke both bones in her leg and did damage to her ankle. The road to recovery will be long for Chloe with physical therapy and possible surgery along the way.

The house sits high upon a hill with two sets of rough stairs from the driveway to the house. This made it difficult for Sarah and her husband James to get Chloe in and out of the house. A ramp was needed. The problem was that the ramp needed to be 95 feet long.

We immediately put a request out for funds and hoped to partner with other organizations in the area to get this done. There was no response to this project. While sharing this need with Paul Nunn’s Sunday School class, a man spoke up and said, “We can do this.”  Later, in response to the financial need, we received funds from Penia Baptist Church and Robert Warner. Smoke Rise Baptist pledged the balance of the project.

Chloe's first ride up the ramp

Chloe’s first ride up the ramp

The way this project came together was God’s people reaching out in love. God used us in more ways than just to build a ramp. Sarah and James have never asked for assistance from GAP in the past but through this project we were able to build a real friendship with this family. Sarah cooked meals every day for the workers. James, despite working nights, worked alongside of the men all week. Kinzey, the younger daughter had her time with a hammer but had more fun playing with our newest staff member, Kathy. Sarah was so excited as the finished product was coming into view. She shared how James’ grandmother had never been able to come up to the house because she uses a walker. She always had to visit at the bottom of the hill. Now the family can get together in the house. This is a great family and it has been an honor to serve them.

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FBC Prestonsburg

FBC Prestonsburg