The Power of a HUG

Looking back on the past several months at GAP I have been reminded of how important it is just to love others. During distribution our clients once a year have to be re-evaluated; during this time their paper work is updated and its quality one-on-one time. This is where you really get to know the clients more and build relationships. They share prayer request as well as the struggles they are having. At this time I usually have the opportunity to share my life struggles with them and how God turned my mess into a message and that He wants to do the same for them. I share the gospel and tell them that Jesus is our Hope and that if we accept Him into our hearts and make Him our Lord and Savior He will be everything we need. He will never leave us nor forsake us. All He asks is for us to trust Him. I explain that it doesn’t mean everything is going to be perfect. It’s important that we as Christians just be real with each other because we don’t have it all together but we know the One who does. Praise God that He loves us in spite of ourselves.

Then after a time of sharing I ask if I can pray for them. Before they leave I will give them a simple hug. So many times this past year it is at that moment that many clients will break down and cry. They will thank me for the hug and say I never get that. My heart breaks because I personally know how it feels to not get hugs or feel loved.

Growing up I couldn’t hug people and wasn’t going to let anyone hug me. I thank God for coming into my life and He has taught me and filled my heart with love for others. He has now made me into a hugger. I give God all the praise and glory for without Him I am nothing and could do nothing. I praise His holy name. I thank God for His precious gift of love and His name is Jesus. It’s amazing the power a simple hug can have!

Written by Kathy Henson