In Memory of Marvin Paxton

Marvin Paxton from Lakeview, OH was a faithful partner of GAP for the last 7 years. Marv came to GAP the first time as the construction expert for his church’s mission team. After his first trip, God gave him a passion and love for the people in Eastern Kentucky and called him to missions. He approached GAP’s co founders, Lynn and Angie Wagoner, and stated that he wanted to come and serve alongside the staff of GAP for one week each month! The Wagoners were thrilled to have the generous help.

Marv made over 70 trips to GAP throughout the years building a wonderful partnership between GAP’s clients, GAP’s staff, and himself. His talents and passion as a “handyman” was such an asset to the ministry of GAP. He spent many hours working on GAP’s Dorema project. This ministry took old trailers and completely remolded them and sold them to clients through a low monthly rent-to-own contract. This enabled some of our clients to have good housing that they owned. He worked on several other projects from repairs on clients’ houses to the building of Servant Heart’s Lodge.

Marv’s enthusiasm for the ministry of GAP was inspiring to all around him. He used his talents and gifts for the glory of God. Marv even trained young men interested in the area of construction. He also served faithfully as a member of GAP’s Board of Directors until he had to step down last year due to health concerns. God used Marv to encourage the staff through his words and actions. He was a great example of God’s love through his actions, especially if you needed prayer. He didn’t simply say he would pray for you, he took the time to pray WITH you at that moment.

On October 12, 2014, the staff of GAP and three board members traveled to Marv’s church in OH for Sunday morning worship. We surprised him with an award thanking him for his years of ministry and faithfulness to the Gospel message.

Marvin Paxton passed away at his home on December 24, 2014. He was 73 years old. He leaves behind countless lives touched by his love and a legacy of faithful service to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The following poem was written by Marv. I had the honor of reading it at his funeral.

“Just A Little Prayer”
By Marv Paxton

Once there was a mother who prayed a little prayer
(For her children of course)
At age 35 her son gave his life to Jesus.
Just a little prayer.

Then that son prayed for his brother
At the age 52 he gave his life to Jesus
Just a little prayer.

That brother prayed for his children.
At age 30 a son gave his life to Jesus.
Just a little prayer.

Now this son has a godly wife and son;
Drives the church bus and helps with approximately 40 children at children’s church
Just a little prayer.

Now I know this to be true, because this was my mother,
My brother, myself and my son and his family

From this God’s Kingdom has increased
And the world is a better place.
Total cost of all this…
Just a little prayer!

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