Highview Baptist Church April 2015

On April 19th, 2015 GAP hosted our second mission team of the year, Highview Baptist Church from Louisville, KY. This is the first time Highview has been to GAP and the team consisted of 13 men who came with only one mission on their hearts: to share the love of Jesus Christ! The men were involved with two different construction ministry sites, serving food at BeansTalk, washing clients’ cars, home visits, and a laundromat ministry. On Wednesday morning several men went into the local laundromat in Allen and ministered to everyone who came in. They paid for everyone’s laundry, served them food and drink, but most of all shared with them the love of Jesus Christ. We are grateful for their faithfulness in mission work throughout Eastern KY and for partnering with us by “standing in the GAP”! (Please click on the team picture below to view more photos.)Highview Baptist Church April 2015