Transformed By Hope

Article Written by: Brent Hinton, Highview Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

If GAP closed tomorrow, would anyone in the community notice?

In April 2015, Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky experienced our inaugural week partnering with GAP in McDowell, KY.  Make no mistake, GAP is a major player in ministering to the hurting and seeking to save the lost.

Before arriving there was a massive amount of prayer for our group and the unmet individuals we were going to be in contact with during our time in Floyd County.  Our hope was that through GAP   relationships we would have opportunities to be an extension of their efforts enabling us to have moments to share the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Thirteen men went with an attitude that real poverty is rooted in broken relationships.  Broken marriages, families, businesses, and communities are ultimately the result of broken relationships with God.  When we look at Louisville we see many of these same realities.  Our brokenness is the same because our need is the same.

Ministry projects ranged from assisting GAP clients with home repairs, assisting with food distribution for qualifying families, delivering meals, washing cars and even taking over a laundromat.  The Great Commission commands Christians to “go and make disciples”, these ministry projects, while meaningful, are simply the tool we used to be obedient to His command. Our primary focus was to  “be intentional” in sharing the Gospel through each of these touch points.

Each day was covered with more prayer.  God was gracious.  In each interaction with a GAP client, one by one, they opened up to us about their life.  Within each time an opportunity arose to evangelize.  Through this short-term mission trip we have a heart for a long-term partnership with GAP and the clients they serve.   With God at the center of it, the future prospects will be epic.

So yes, people in the community would notice if GAP closed it’s doors.  The community would miss this powerful community resource that makes a profound impact in lives each day by modeling what Jesus did.   Highview Baptist Church is thankful for GAP hosting us and we look forward to continuing serving side-by-side for years to come. (Click on the photo to see more pictures.)Highview Baptist Church April 2015