Summer Ministry 2020

This summer we have enjoyed a different way of doing Children’s Ministry. Due to Covid-19, we had to think outside the box to reach the children that would normally attend day camps. After much prayer and planning we decided to do a front porch Bible time in a couple of our county’s apartment complexes. Families sat on their front porch while we stood in the parking area telling a Bible story through skits. We provided each child with a packet of activities, crafts and a snack to go along with the story each week for four weeks throughout the month of July.

We purposefully planned this event between 5:00 and 6:00 pm so that parents would be home. Not only were children out on their porches, but parents and grandparents also sat listening to the Bible stories and interacting together. Both adults and children were enthralled with the big God of scripture. They discovered that God is the One True God (Elijah on Mount Carmel), Our big God controls even the winds and waves (Jesus walks on the water), Our God enables us to face our big problems (David and Goliath), and Our big God wants us to do big things (The Good Samaritan).

Week after week, we watched the anticipation of the kids grow while a handful of middle school aged kids stood in the background too embarrassed and “cool” to be a part of the group. Each week we passed out the activity packs to all the younger children and tried to encourage the middle schoolers to take one as well. Unfortunately the snack was the only offering they would partake of. On our third week, we finished telling the story of Jesus calming the storm. As we headed back to the office, we looked over and saw that the middle school kids were sitting outside with the younger ones going through all the activities helping them with crafts and other Bible materials.

When you plant a seed you never know how God will use it. We are praying that the Lord will use the scripture and the activity packs that were handed out in a big way. Please join us in praying for the children and families in our area. Pray that the seed that was planted will be watered and flourish to life!

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